Visitors are invited on a magical journey back in time, as the past comes to life at the foot of the Palace Castle. The fortress was once called Újlaki Castle, because the Újlaki family started building it. The most famous member of the family was Miklós Újlaki, who first became an enemy of the Hunyadi family and later an ally. He was a typical figure of the era, a power-hungry lord who was unscrupulous in his pursuit of his goals, not afraid to carry out unauthorised fortification works or mint counterfeit money. During Mustra, you can see what one of the most controversial figures of the 15th century wore, visit his secret mint, meet his soldiers and watch the dances of the time.

07-08 June 2024 Palota Mustra historical castle game in and around Thury Castle.

Turn the wheel of time and we are back in the era of the legendary champion, George Thury. The “Lion of Transdanubia” comes to life, witnessing his duel with the famous Persian champion, from whom he finally won his high-quality pallet. Of course, the most famous siege of the castle will also take place, when the Palatines successfully defended the walls against 16 times their superior numbers. You can also see the daily life of the 16th century soldiers, their meals, their playful jousting and the training of their aprodes.

The time travel continues: we are now in the era of the Zichys, who were the dominant figures of Várpalota for almost two hundred years. We meet Antonia Zichy, the widow of Lajos Batthyány, and learn about the work of Mihály Zichy, who was called the “prince of drawing” by his contemporaries. Paulina Zichy, the last mistress of the castle, comes to life, and you can learn about her sad fate and visit her room.

The time wheel is spinning back and forth, but these remain a secret for now. More details will be released soon.