Event halls

Conference rooms and event centre

During the renovation of Thury Castle, particular attention was paid to maximising the building’s many potentials.

An event centre with several rooms has been designed with this in mind. Our guests have access to two rooms with a total floor area of almost 1,000 square metres, which can accommodate a wide range of events. One of the two separate rooms can accommodate 100 people, the other up to 300.

Wedding Room

One of the most beautiful halls in the castle is also suitable for weddings, so we recommend it for those who want to make a vow of eternal fidelity in a special atmosphere. In addition to the above, we can also organise and organise programmes and events! Please contact us with any questions!


150-seat conference room with full technical facilities

Our conference room is suitable for presentations and conferences for up to 150 people and is equipped with the technology required for the 21st century (sound system, projector, induction loop, interpretation system, comfortable furniture). It has been the venue for many weddings, including civil marriage ceremonies, ceremonial meetings of the governing body, and many classical music concerts.

Event hall

300m2 with full technical support: the "open to the world" space!

Our event hall is a room with a capacity of 300 people, which can be equipped with mobile equipment (projector, sound system) to host a conference. As part of an international concert series, we hosted a concert by the Sollini-Barbatano duo. The room is ideal for corporate balls and weddings.