Guided Tours

Visitors also have the opportunity to explore Thury Castle in group tours. Choose from our guided tours!

The varied exhibitions at Thury Castle in Castle Palace offer something for everyone, whatever their age or interests. We recommend it to young and old, families, friends, history lovers, but also to those who have not yet experienced how much we can learn from our common past and centuries-old traditions!

Traditional guided tour

Ask for our traditional guided tour, which will give you a wealth of information about the history of the castle and our permanent exhibitions.
The tour includes a short film “The History of the Castle of Palota”.

Companionship with Captain Thury - guided tour with the castle captain

Ask Captain György Thury, the infamous Transdanubian Lion himself, to accompany you and hear first-hand the story of his battles and his glorious victories against the Turks, and enrich yourself with an unforgettable experience!

"Everyday life at the castle" - guided tour at the foot of the castle walls - available in addition to the guided tour with the castle captain

Additional guided tour, which can be requested in addition to the guided tour with the castle captain. The guided tour with the castle captain is 60 minutes, and the tour with the everyday life of the castle is 90 minutes.

– What did our ancestors eat?

– beauty care in the Middle Ages?

– what did the knoghts of the end of the age cook, what were their passions?

– what games did the warriors play to pass the time?

All these questions will be answered, but visitors will also discover a secret medieval mint!

Miklós Újlaky, the ambitious overlord, used every means at his disposal in the struggle for power: alliances with the Cilleans, illicit construction, counterfeiting.

Ask for our special guided tour!

Duration: approx. 30 minutes
Languages: Hungarian