Fun at the Castle, games to try

The history of centuries, the magic of today!

The Thury Castle in Várpalota offers a wide range of services to suit all ages and interests. We can recommend it to young and old, families, friends, history lovers, but also to those who have not yet experienced how much we can learn from our common past and centuries-old traditions!


At Thury Castle, you can test your skills or simply try out the weapons of the former castle defenders.

Stations of the test:

  • The battlestar was a very simple but effective tool that became a dangerous weapon in skilled hands.
    The kelevéz is an ancient Hungarian weapon, not easy to use, but with perseverance you can achieve good results. There are three ways to throw it.
  • After the more difficult tasks, some relief:
  • horseshoe throwing.
  • A classic is the cannonball throw.
  • We’ve reached the master stage: from horseback, you can demonstrate your mastery of the pickaxe stage.
  • A knight should not only be skilful but also strong, find the chink in the knight’s armour and hold your sword in it for a minute!
  • We’ve come to the final test, the enemy is coming, news must be brought to the villagers, but a great swamp surrounds it, use your stilts!

The one who passes all the obstacles will become the castle’s bailiff, and will be remembered for it!

We welcome applications from young and old alike!


During the summer opening hours, the castle is open from 01 May to 30 September for archery.

Escape Room

A slightly innovative initiative is to welcome visitors to the escape room in the castle of Várpalota. The historical setting, the tower room, which is almost in its original state and reminiscent of the knightly era, is a challenge for those who are looking for secrets of the past as well as for those who love logic puzzles. Some knowledge of history is a must, but not a prerequisite, because those who read the parchment scrolls carefully will find their way out.

The notes of a doomed warrior once imprisoned in the tower room and our wandering imaginations frame the exercises, which provide fun for young and old alike. It usually takes an hour to get out and, as well as having fun, the newly ‘freed’ can also gain some insights into the medieval world.

“In the 15th century, this castle was ruled by Újlaki
A strong, brave nobleman, though a little strange!
He thought a bold thing and minted counterfeit money,
Though it must have been a daring deed at the time!”

So begins the journey through time, where in the escape room we invite visitors to a new adventure: find the entrance to the secret mint of the notorious Miklós Újlaki, which the lord has carefully hidden, mainly for his own well-understood interests. Of course, even back then, such things could not be kept secret for long, so the King heard about it. The monarch commissioned one of his confidants to investigate the rumour. Now you too can take on the role of the former royal investigators, look for clues and unravel the mystery.

“Ancient hideaways, magical cabinets,
upside-down letters, mind-boggling mysteries,
A lock for a fiend,
In every object a secret may dwell.

13+1 challenges await you,
We trust you’ll remember them forever,
The king will be happy, justice will prevail
And there’ll be a lot of fun in Palota!”

We welcome all adventurers to the escape room in one of the towers of Thury Castle.


In 1554, the name of György Thury is mentioned for the first time in connection with Várpalota, when the famous Turkish soldier Rafael Podmaniczky was hired.
It was during the reign of Captain Thury that Várpalota enjoyed its heyday, and every year from 15 MARCH to 31 OCTOBER, the castle is open from 15:54 to 15:54 in honour of the legendary swordsman.
a parade will be fired from the front of the castle. We use a replica of the wicker rifle used in the period for this purpose, of course no projectiles are fired, but the sound effect is considerable.
We hope that the residents of Várpalota and tourists alike will welcome our initiative.